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No visit to Naxos would be complete without a trip to the Citron distillery. Take a step back in time, sampling our traditional sweets and liqueurs, learning the secrets of distillation.
The tour begins in the courtyard next to the beautiful garden of the Prompona Distillery where you will have the opportunity to taste local citrus products and liqueurs, along with a selection of appetisers.
A chance to taste various kinds of citrus fruit and traditional Naxian marzipan, covered in smooth, dark chocolate,citron- flavoured “halvadopita” and dried citrus fruit. Naxian ouzo, a must for any lover of all things Greek, can also be enjoyed with olives, bread sticks,a different kind of “ntakos” and a wide variety of our own fruit preserves.For those with a taste for the traditional, local “Rakomelo” and citron-flavoured raki will also be served with Naxian figs and nuts.
Both tour and citron tasting last 60 minutes.

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