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Are you passing thru Naxos only for  a few days and are interested in the history and the art and   techniques of marble carving of the ancients?

Experience the dialogue between yourself and the block of marble.  Immerse yourself and connect to the ancient peoples and their art.  with Join us for a 3 HOUR BEGINNER COURSE.

From 10 AM  Monday thru Saturday.

You will meet me under an olive tree where I will have a couple of work tables, blocks of crystalline white marble of Naxos, and a set of locally forged tools. I will share with you a brief history of marble arts, introduce different types of tools, and discuss the properties of marble and other stones.

 I will guide you thru the use and the traditional hand carving technique of each tool. You will practice with each tool on a block of marble for a period of time. When you have “mastered” each tool we will proceed to design and create a relief sculpture that you can then take home with you. It can be an Archaic Greek design from one of my templates or and idea that you have brought with you. I will work with you on the approach, process, and execution of the piece.

I take my work seriously, but also embrace a fun and relaxed environment in the peaceful settings of our garden. After three hours of immersing yourself with the stone you will have an understanding of traditional carving techniques and process of marble sculpture. Absolutely no experience is necessary even if you are someone who says, “I have no artistic talent”, the techniques and skills can be learned.

Hosted by Maggie Ross

I am a sculptor, gardener, and a mother of two living in Naxos for the past 11 years. The reason I came to Greece 12 years ago was specifically to immerse myself into the history and techniques of marble sculpture. My journey in stone carving actual began in the States starting at the age of 19 as a hobby for many years using the local limestone in Indiana and Texas. I spent 2 years in Tinos island working in various marble workshops and at the School of Fine Arts in Pyrgos. I use traditional hand tooling techniques as well as modern power tools. It is a great joy for me to share the history, techniques and my philosophy of stone carving from what I have gathered over the years.

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