DEMETER’S TEMPLE IN SANGRI: We reach Sangri, where we visit the restored Temple of goddess Dimitra (6th Century BC) and the impressive museum with the local findings.

DAMALAS : Visit to the restored old olive press and a traditional pottery work-shop.

CHALKI : We visit the neoclassical village with the – over a century old- Citron distillery(since 1896). The “tasting session” and a walk in the village will make you love it!

PANAGIA DROSIANI : One of the oldest churhes in the Balcans, it strikes the visitor with its tiny size as well as the unigue 6th century frescoes. It is a complex of four churches under a central dome.

APIRANTHOS : In the “marble village ” we walk showing you around until the main square. It’s ideal to stroll and take photos in the alleys. Pictures are unique here!

APOLLONAS : Last stop at the village of Apollonas and the unfinished Kouros statue (6thcentury BC). On the way back we follow the fascinating north-eastern coast with the tower of Agia and village of Eggares.

Back to town at 17:00pm. Kids under 12 half price.


Naxos East coast is just a distant spot on the map for the tourists but for the real “travellers” it’s a beloved destination with authentic naxian colour and aroma….
You can follow us on the emery path till we reach the port of Moutsouna, listening to stories about the “emery villages” life. We will have a coffee break at the nostalgic port, enjoying the view of Small Cyclades islands. Then we will go swimming at Psili Ammobeach, one of the best but least visited beaches of the island. You will be amazed by the uniqueness of the landscape, when you have a view of the peaceful Panormos bay with the palm trees.
Αt the Southeast edge of the island you will have the chance of visiting the prehistorical Acropolis of Panormos and you can explore Rina’s sea cave by boat. Get ready for swimming and diving at a spot,which is approachable only by sea.

Our walk includes a visit to the trademark of Naxos, in the so-called “Portara”. These are the foundations of the “centuries-long” temple dedicated to the god Apollo, which began in 530 BC. about the tyrant of Naxos Lygdamis, but never ended.
Entering the “maze” of the Old Market, through the narrow alleys, the visitor reaches the castle hill. Passing through his gates, he passes to another place and time where calmness, narrow streets, internal, as a rule, courtyards with their flowers, mansions, with the coats of arms in the lintels dominate. There are the Archaeological Museum, the School of the Ursulins and the Cathedral of the Catholics. Here is a tour of the turbulent but glorious past when the Venetian Marcos Sanoudos captured Naxos and founded the hegemony that was known in history as the Duchy of the Aegean Sea with its capital Naxos.
DURATION 2 hours before sunset (upon request)
MEETING MEETING Square of the First Instance Court is pick up from a hotel


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